Porcelain Veneers Can Dramatically Enhance Your Smile

Portrait of young beautiful smiling brunette woman wearing white dress against yellow background.For patients looking to cover a number of cosmetic imperfections with one simple dental solution, porcelain veneers are often the go-to choice. Drs. Michael Appleton and Christopher Braud offer extremely lifelike, custom-made porcelain veneers at their practice serving the greater Slidell area. Their veneers can enhance your smile by covering stains, cracks, gaps, and misshapen teeth. Contact Oak Harbor Family Dentistry today to learn more about how porcelain veneers can give you that stunning smile you want and deserve.

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Dental veneers placed at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, LA, are used to conceal minor cosmetic imperfections in your smile. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth to enhance their appearance. Once your custom-designed veneer is placed, Dr. Michael Appleton will make any adjustments for comfort.

Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Traditional veneers are thin, durable shells of porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth. They require some preparation of the teeth, and at least two appointments over the course of two to four weeks. At the first appointment, Dr. Appleton or Dr. Braud will remove a very thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth. This creates room for the veneer and prevents the enhancement from looking bulky and unnatural. Your dentist will take impressions and photos of your prepped tooth. You will also be provided with a wax-up of your veneers, which will give you a preview of what you can expect your enhanced smile to look like. While you wait a couple of weeks for your permanent veneers to be fabricated, the dentist may provide temporary restorations.

Using your impressions, as well as any feedback provided after you try in your wax-up, dental lab technicians will create veneers specifically designed to match the shape and shade of your teeth. By using dental-grade porcelain, your veneers will have a natural-looking sheen, and will be virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

When the veneers are finished, you will come in for a second visit. At this time, your dentist will check the fit of the veneers and make any necessary adjustments. Next, he will lightly etch the front of your teeth to create a strong bonding surface. Finally, he will attach the veneers with dental cement, and use a curing light to secure the bond. After this short procedure, you can leave our office with a gorgeous, rejuvenated smile.

Minimal Prep Veneers

At Oak Harbor Family Dentistry, we are proud to also offer minimal prep veneers. Because these are thinner than traditional veneers, the dentist will remove less enamel, if any, in preparation for veneer placement. Only certain patients are candidates for minimal prep veneers, usually based on tooth size and space between the teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Appleton or Dr. Braud can help you determine the right type of veneers for you.

Are You a Candidate for Veneers?

Veneers can correct a wide range of aesthetic concerns, such as:

  • Intrinsic dental stains

  • Disproportionately small teeth

  • Worn teeth

  • Gaps in your smile

  • Chips or cracks

  • Slightly crooked teeth

  • Unusually shaped teeth

To be considered for veneers, you should be in good dental health. Decay, gum disease, bruxism, and other dental conditions will need to be resolved before veneers can be placed.

Risks and Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

The primary benefit of porcelain veneers is that they can provide a significant improvement in the overall appearance of your smile. They are often the preferred option for those who want to completely revamp their smile with a single and quick dental procedure. The risks are few, and mainly involve short-term tooth sensitivity. By avoiding biting into especially hard foods with your veneers, you can enjoy their benefits for many years.

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