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Dental Crowns

Damaged, weakened, or decayed teeth aren't just cosmetic concerns—they can compromise your oral health.

Same-day dental crowns from Oak Harbor Family Dentistry can protect weakened teeth, replace lost teeth, or replace old crowns.

Our specialists in Slidell, LA, can help enhance your appearance and dental function with a fast, completely customized solution...

Need a New Dental Crown? We've Got You Covered

While a crown can last over a decade with the right care, there will come a time when you need a new one. Here are some signs that you need a new dental crown:

  • Pain when biting or placing pressure on the tooth
  • Noticeable wear and tear
  • Chips or cracks in the crown
  • The crown is no longer aesthetically pleasing

If you have been wearing a crown for years after a root canal, or if your dental implant-supported crown is in need of replacement, you can trust our team to deliver superior results and satisfaction. We are proud to be PPO providers for several major insurance plans and will work with you to maximize benefits and manage costs.

Dental Crown

Same-Day Dental Crowns

We use CEREC® to provide patients with dental crowns in one day. Dr. Michael J. Appleton or Dr. Christopher Braud will take digital images of your prepared tooth, which are transmitted to a computer that creates a three-dimensional map of your tooth. This map is transferred to an in-office milling machine that fabricates a new, entirely custom crown from a single block of porcelain. The procedure usually takes less than an hour, and the results are outstanding in function and fit. Dr. Appleton can help you decide if this expedited option is right for you.

Dental Crown

Traditional Dental Crowns

Impressions will be taken of the tooth, and they will be sent to a lab where technicians will fabricate your restoration. If you select a traditional lab-created crown, the dentist will supply a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent restoration, which will take about two weeks to make. When the permanent restoration is finished, Dr. Appleton or Dr. Braud will check the fit, making sure that the crown does not interfere with your bite. After making any necessary adjustments, the crown will be attached with dental cement.

Same-day Crowns Video: Same-Day Crowns

We offer same-day crowns at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, LA, to help our patients restore their smiles as soon as possible. Using sophisticated technology, we can fabricate your custom restoration in our office while you wait. We also offer traditional crowns, which can be made from full metal or porcelain fused to metal.

The Many Benefits of Dental Crowns

A crown can make all the difference between saving a natural tooth and extraction. When you visit our dentists for a dental crown procedure, you'll enjoy the following advantages:

A Simple Procedure

You may think all restorative dental treatment is complicated and involved, but you can rest assured dental crowns can be placed in a single office visit with minimal discomfort.

Pain Relief

A crown protects your tooth against further damage and sensitivity after a restorative treatment, such as a filling or root canal.

Custom Results

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” about it! Our dentists design your crown to match the size, shape, and hue of your existing tooth.

Restored Tooth Appearance

Since they fit over your existing tooth, crowns can give you an instant makeover! Discoloration, misshapen teeth, chips, and other issues are easily concealed. Dental porcelain can be made to look indistinguishable from a natural tooth. Thanks to our dental care, your crown will look absolutely flattering within your smile.

Long-Lasting Results

The materials we use are designed to last and stand their own against chewing, biting, and grinding. With proper oral hygiene, you can depend on them for 10 years or longer.

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Kieth Kiple

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Absolutely the best experience. Traveling in town. Had a dental emergency.  Dr. Mike was able to meet access and repair within 2 hours.

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I highly recommended Oak Habor Dentistry. The staff, hygienist and most of all the both Dentist are wonderful and caring. Dr Braud is gentle and caring.

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Restore Your Dental Function With Premier Dentistry in Slidell

Don’t let a decayed or damaged tooth impact your oral health – partner with experienced specialists in Slidell dedicated to providing you compassionate, personalized dental care from beginning to end. Whether you need implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns, we've got you covered! Contact our dentists through our website or call today:

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Why Do I Need a Temporary Crown?

If you choose to receive a traditional crown, our dentist will provide a temporary crown to protect your treated tooth while your permanent crown is being crafted. A temporary crown is bonded with temporary cement, making it easier to remove later on. A temporary crown is strong enough to hold its own against a typical bite without deforming or falling apart, but it cannot protect a repaired tooth for too long. A permanent crown, on the other hand, replaces the temporary crown and is designed to last years.

Are You a Candidate for a Crown?

Dental crowns can be used to treat various issues. If you suffer from one or more of the following, you may be a candidate for crowns:

  • Broken, cracked, or fractured teeth: If left untreated, damaged teeth can result in major dental damage and oral health complications. Custom-made crowns can be placed on broken teeth to restore their function and appearance while protecting them from future damage.
  • Root canal therapy: Often, dental crowns are used as the final step in a root canal procedure to provide strength and optimal function.
  • Tooth decay: Dental crowns may be used to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, especially in instances of severe decay.
  • Missing teeth: When utilized alongside dental implants, crowns can be used to replace missing teeth.
  • Cosmetic imperfections: Since crowns are tailored to the desired shape, size, and overall appearance, they can be used to address cosmetic issues. If you are dissatisfied with a crown provided by another practice, we can give you a crown made to your aesthetic specifications.

There are several reasons you may need a crown. Regardless of yours, our expert dentists in Slidell are ready to bring a solution to the table that makes sense for you.

Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

We always attempt to save your natural teeth before turning to extraction; but in some cases, a compromised tooth is beyond repair. It's important to know, however, that tooth extraction doesn’t mean you have to make peace with a gap in your smile forever. Using state-of-the-art dental implants and custom crowns, our dentists can replace a missing tooth from the root to the chewing surface. A dental implant is a small titanium device inserted in the jaw to replace a missing tooth root. Implants stimulate the jawbone, stopping the bone recession that follows tooth loss. The dental implant acts as a permanent foundation for a prosthetic, such as a crown, full dentures, or partial dentures, without having to alter any surrounding healthy teeth.

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William Hawkins

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I had a great experience here! I went in with apprehensions thinking my problem was not capable of being fixed...I have extensive work needed and it’s not going to happen quickly. [Dr. Appleton] was able to create an incredible temporary fix that allows me to maintain a natural smile until the permanent work is completed. 

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Michelle Dunn

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Had a great experience with Oak Harbor Dental. Doctors and staff are very kind & professional...Other dental practices in town make you feel like cattle. Not at Oak Harbor. Very knowledgeable and kind. The office is beautiful & clean.

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How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?


The price of a dental crown will depend largely on the material it’s made of: porcelain, ceramic, metal, or a combination. However, insurance will typically cover a portion of the cost. Regardless of your specific circumstances, rest assured that our team will work on your behalf to secure the most coverage possible for your treatment. We also offer financing through CareCredit®, a lender that can help you budget for out-of-pocket expenses with affordable monthly payment plans.

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Dr. Michael J. Appleton has practiced dentistry in Slidell, LA, for over 20 years. He works alongside Dr. Chrisopher Braud and an experienced team to offer general, cosmetic, and restorative services to patients of all ages. Dr. Appleton is proud to be affiliated with:

  • New Orleans Dental Association
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  • Lake Pontchartrain Study Club (a Seattle Study Club)
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