How long have you struggled with symptoms like pain, jaw tightness, or tinnitus? They may be a signs of TMJ problems. Though the regular clenching and grinding can cause discomfort, TMD is treatable at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry.

To finally find relief, visit our dentists, Drs. Michael J. Appleton and Christopher Braud, serving Slidell, North Shore, and Metairie, LA.

TMJ and TMD: What Do They Mean?

As a patient, you may hear these terms a lot. To help you best understand your potential condition — and your possible treatments — we'll give you a rundown.


TMJ isn't a condition, even if it may be commonly referred to as one. It's actually a part of our anatomy. Located on each side of our faces, the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is what attaches our jaw to our skulls. This joint is the area that is affected when we grind our teeth or clench our jaw. Over time, it can become worn and subject to symptoms like pain or jaw muscle tightness.


When you clench and grind your teeth, you may have a condition called temporomandibular disorder. It affects your teeth, your jaw muscles, and your temporomandibular joint. Often, it can worsen in times of stress. Also, even if you don't notice any grinding, you may be doing it in your sleep, which is why it's important to seek care if you notice symptoms.

A Closer Look
at the TMJ

Your jaw, muscles, and jaw joints all work together to help you talk and chew. In times of stress or due to a temporomandibular disorder, you may clench your jaw and grind your teeth. This is the area impacted during that process. Over time, the joint may become worn and inflamed. Seeking care in a timely manner can prevent worsening pain and oral wellness problems.

Dr. Appleton Explains
Our Patient-Oriented Approach
To TMJ Disorder Treatment

Frequent temporomandibular joint problems can cause widespread dental issues, but our dentists are here to assist. Dr. Appleton and Dr. Braud will never judge or shame you. Instead, they will work with you to decide on the right solution to your exact TMD case, like splints or BOTOX®. That way, you can finally live a life without the daily discomfort you may be used to.

Three Reasons to Visit
Oak Harbor Family Dentistry
For Your TMD Treatment

We offer TMD care you can trust from diagnosis, to exploring treatment options, to restoring damage done by regular grinding and clenching. Still need a little nudge? Slidell patients often come to see us because of:

Our Areas of Expertise

At our welcoming dental office in Slidell, LA, we concentrate our knowledge in two areas: restorative dental care and preventative dental care. This makes us an excellent choice for patients just noticing their TMJ problems, as well as those who have a long-term TMD.

Financing and Insurance

Need help making treatment fit into your budget? By accepting both CareCredit® financing and multiple types of major insurance, we help patients seek the life-changing TMD services required to protect their smile.

Our Relaxing Practice

Our rooms are designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you want to watch TV with headphones or let the tension melt away with our massage chairs, you can experience true tranquility during your visit.

Whether You're From North Shore,
Metairie, or Even out of Town
You Can Trust Our Slidell Dental Team


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Oak Harbor Family Dentistry is the place to go if you want the absolute best care for your teeth. My teeth were a train wreck.

Dr. Appleton and his team gave me the help that I needed. Thank you. :-)

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Absolutely the best experience.

Traveling in town. Had a dental emergency. Dr. Mike was able to meet access and repair within 2 hours.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment Protects Your Teeth

TMD doesn't just affect your temporomandibular joint; the condition can also take a genuine toll on your teeth. As you grind and clench, your temporomandibular disorder can cause dental damage in addition to other unpleasant symptoms.

In some cases, it may cause your teeth to loosen. Or, it may lead to breakage.

Finally, for some TMD patients, it might also lead them to lose a tooth or multiple teeth. As a result, seeking care for your temporomandibular joint problem can end up saving your teeth in the long run.

What If My Teeth Are Damaged?


Damage from teeth grinding can be preventable. Even if you do have dental damage, you've found a compassionate team that's happy to assist you. For patients who have worn or broken teeth, our Slidell dentists offer targeted dental treatment, including dental crowns and implants. After all, we're here to help, not to judge. 

We Make
Slidell Dental Patients
Feel Completely at Home

"Moving to a new city and finding a dentist you like and trust is scary! I have a complicated disorder which requires sedation when getting dental treatment. Dr Braud and his girls have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable from initial visit all the way to restorative work. I cannot say enough good things about this office! 10/10 recommend." Meagan Marcel
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